Best Lotion for New Born in India

Best Lotion for New Born Baby in India in 2020

The winter season has started, in this season the skin of the children becomes dry. That is why today we are giving you information about Best Lotion for New Born in India using which you can take care of your child’s skin and their skin can be protected from dryness.

What is the benefit of Lotion for Baby Skin?

Lotion works to keep your baby’s skin soft and supple. With lotion, your baby’s skin is moisturized and soft, and the lotion also serves to protect and nourish your baby’s skin.

Which Lotion is Best for New Born?

The question that often remains in our mind is which lotion is the best for New Born in India and not harmful for baby skin. Which we can use for the skin of our Baby.

I am Deepika based on my personal experience sharing knowledge with you that which lotion is better for your baby’s skin because I also have two young Baby, one is about five months old and the other is about 2 years old.

Best Lotion for New Born Baby in India

Organic Lotion is Best for your baby skin because No chemical and harmful things are used in their manufacture. Only natural things (herbs) are used in their manufacture. Which does not cause any harm to your child or your skin, only benefit. Things made using natural ingredients are best for the skin of both children and baby . So I am giving you an example of Best Organic Lotion after using it.

Himalaya Baby Lotion (Best Lotion for New Born Baby in India)

Himalaya Baby Lotion made from natural ingredients which is not harmful for your baby skin. so it is Best Lotion for New Born Baby in India. The main ingredients of this shampoo stated below:-

Olive oil used in this lotion contains a lot of Vitamin-E, which gives vitamin E to your baby’s skin and keeps your baby’s skin moisturized.

Almond Oil – It contain Almond Oil and According to scientists, almond oil also contains a lot of Vitamin E, as well as it also protects your baby’s skin from getting damaged by UV Exposure and softens your baby’s skin.

Country Mallow:- The main work of this ingredients is to help sooth the skin of Baby.

Licorice:- It moisturize and sooth the skin of Baby.

Guduchi:- It is also useful herb for your baby skin as it conditioning you baby skin.

I myself have used this lotion on the skin of my children, since natural things have been used in this lotion Therefore, it is very beneficial for the skin of our children.

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