Benefit of mugli ghutti 555

Benefit of Mugli Ghutti 555 for Baby Constipation

is your child has difficulty in defecating (Stool) Or stool comes in several days and most of times your baby looks irritated when your baby doing stools the face of baby became red. It simply means that Your child is struggling with constipation. Due to which, you baby facing lot of pain.

Mugli Ghutti 555

Hence to fight with these baby problems, today we are going to tell you about one of the best Ayurvedic Medicine which is the safest and very effective medicine since long time and which is being used in every house from long time and there is no side effect of this medicine for your baby.

Why should we choose Ayurvedic medicine?

Since no harmful chemical is used in ayurvedic medicines. Therefore, your child will not be harmed in any way by its use. Ayurvedic medicines are made using herbs. Therefore it is always beneficial.

Why Should we choose Mugli Ghutii 555 ?

This Ayurvedic Medicine has been used continuously by the millions of parents for the diagnosis of stomach related complaints of their children since the year 1918. The Mughal Chutti 555 has an extract of 18 herbs like nectar for children.

Details of Herb used in Mugli Ghutti 555 and its benefits.

Harad (Small) – Chhoti Harad, also known as Haritaki, is used to diagnose serious stomach related diseases as well as to enhance the beauty of the face.

Harad (Large) – Large herd which plays an important role in diagnosis in many diseases. Such as vomiting, abdominal bloating, fever etc.

Ajwain – Ajwain is a beneficial medicine which is also regularly used to make vegetables etc. in every household. It is very beneficial for the stomach, it is very useful for the diagnosis of constipation. If you use Ajwain water on an empty stomach every morning, then you can get rid of many diseases. Ajwain is very hot. It was used only in winter.

Bahera-The use of -Baheda is beneficial in many diseases such as swelling of bile, in opening lumps, in frequent hiccups, in removing physical weakness, burning sensation in the chest and increasing eyesight.

Nisot: – Nishoth Jadi Buti, stomach related disease, recurrent fever, swelling in the stomach are beneficial medicines in many diseases related to eyes.

Mulethi-mulethi is used to cure cough and phlegm problems of children.

Saunf- fennel works to improve digestive power and increase appetite. It is a very useful medicine. If we use it after eating food, it plays a very important role in digestion of food.

Marorphali- Marodafli is a fruit that grows on the tree, it is found in the forests of central and western India. Marodafli suppresses phlegm and bile. Takes out the phlegm. It cures stomach diseases.

Jeera – Cumin is an antioxidant that relaxes muscles by reducing inflammation. It has the properties of iron, potassium, calcium etc. Which is also very beneficial for our body.

Amaltas – Amaltas is a very effective medicine for stomach related diseases. In addition, it is also used for cough, fever, skin diseases etc.

Baykhuma – Bakhuma relieves stomach diseases in the body.

Makoh – Makoy is a very beneficial medicine and it is raspberry, you can keep your kidney healthy by using it Makoy is available in every state and every season.

in which diseases Mugli Chutti 555 can be used for children?

  • If your child has any type of complaint related to constipation like putty tying, putty come after several days.
  • Pain in stomach of children.
  • The child repeatedly weaned or vomited.
  • Children’s green yellow diarrhea.
  • Break out time.
  • In cases of physical debility, dry diseases, etc., Mugli Chutti 555 is a very beneficial medicine.


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